Coming off a Big 10 Championship and a Top 3 ranking in 2015, could anyone have foreseen that Michigan State would be the only Michigan school not bowl eligible in 2016?

Of the 5 Michigan colleges that compete in college football's top tier, U of M, Central, Eastern and Western all have attained 6 wins, the magic number that makes them bowl eligible.

Central Michigan became the last team to become bowl eligible after a recent win over Ohio.

A currently 1-loss Michigan team is in the heat of the Big 10 championship chase while an undefeated Western Michigan team is enjoying a Cinderella season, hosting ESPN's 'College Gameday,' and hoping to not be on the outside-looking-in at the Bowl Championship series.

Even if Michigan State were to win-out which is highly unlikey considering their final two opponents are Penn State and Ohio State, the Spartans would still be one win shy of bowl eligibility.

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