A new group looks to connect Michigan farmers directly to residents looking for farm-fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and more.

"Shop Michigan Family Farms" was created to connect Michigan farmers with local consumers interested in purchasing farm-fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, beef, pork, poultry, and more directly from Michigan's family farms. Many Michigan farmers found themselves with a surplus of their livestock and crops once restaurants closed while residents started having trouble locating the foods they needed on store shelves. Things got so bad some farmers were forced to dump their milk, smash eggs and plow through fields of beans, cabbage, and more with no place to sell their goods.

"Shop Michigan Family Farms" allows Michigan farmers and consumers to connect directly. A Michigan farmer can post directly in the group that they have eggs available allowing those who need eggs to comment and connect while consumers can say they are looking for beef allowing farmers with beef to comment with an address or phone number where the consumer can purchase goods.

There are several benefits for both farmers and consumers. Our Michigan farmers see more of the profits without having to give a percentage to a middle man. Michigan consumers get fresher products with less handling and also at a better price without having to pay a store ship, store, and stock shelves. The biggest win of all is the money is more likely to stay in the state stimulating our local economy.

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