Many people who want to see integrity brought back to our elections have been asking for someone, anyone to perform a “forensic audit” on the systems and the actual ballots.  Will the Macomb County Clerk Anthony Forlini be the one to bring us one.

That is a question still unanswered.

The Detroit News is reporting that Forlini plans on hiring a “cyber security firm to conduct a forensic audit of the county's election server”. In a statement, Mr. Forlini wrote the reason for this is to "restore the confidence of our election processes in Macomb County".

In that statement he went on to say:

"I cannot say with certainty whether or not we will find something from the past, but I can say that Macomb will lead the state in election integrity in the future…We are in the process of establishing best election practices that we will continually look at and modify as laws and technology change."

Sounds great but the following questions remain unanswered:

What is his definition of a “forensic audit”?  Here is a good definition of a “forensic audit”.  Is that what he means, anything short of that I would consider incomplete and certainly not a "forensic audit".

When he speaks of servers what does he mean by that?

What about their actual ballot machines, will they be auditing them?

Will they be auditing all of them or only one?

Will they be auditing the ballots and voter rolls?

According to the Detroit News article Mr. Forlini said:

"he hired Alabama-based Pro V&V to ensure the hardware and software Macomb County uses to administer elections is sound. The work will involve inventorying the systems, taking pictures, recording serial numbers, examining tamper evident seals, and disassembling the server to create a forensic image of the server and workstation hard drives."

The firm Pro V&V. according to reporting has links with Dominion Voting Systems and has had a preexisting relationship with Dominion that has dated back years.  Yes, that Dominion Voting System.

If they are not auditing all of the machines then why are they auditing anything?  It is also very important that this “forensic audit” be 100% transparent and open to observation by 3rd parties of all the data captured from the machines.

Could Mr. Forlini be calling for this “forensic audit” to take some pressure off himself?  

A wise man once told me that the only thing worse than doing nothing is to do something with the intent of preventing others from doing something.

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