What happens when people are uninformed or ill-informed, they embarrass themselves.  This time it happened in Royal Oak Michigan.

The Detroit News reported that approximately 100 Democrat protestors gathered outside a U.S. Postal Office in downtown Royal Oak calling for the president's new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to resign and someone to be “locked up”.  Who should be locked up the article does not say, perhaps they protesters have no idea who they want "locked up".

They are upset because they were lied to by the mainstream manipulative news and their politicians.  They believe that President Donald Trump and the Postmaster-General have initated "efforts to slow down mail”.  They appear to be clueless on exactly what is going on or do they truly not know what is actually happening and are themselves part of the lie.  Who knows!

They believe that President Trump told the Postmaster General to remove mail sorting machines, and warning states not to count on the post office during the November election.

That is a complete fabrication, fake news and a total lie.

In the Postmasters opening statement in front of the House committee hearing he destroys the entire argument by the Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream manipulative news:

You can hear his entire opening statement from C-Span, in part he stated:

“I’ve never spoken to the president about the Postal Service, other than to congratulate me when I accepted the position,”


“Since I’ve been here, we spent $700 million on overtime. Overtime ran at a 13 percent rate before I got here, it runs at a 13 percent rate now,”

What they perhaps do not know is the Postmaster General had testified in front of the Senate last Friday to set the record straight and inform the people who want to be informed about the facts.  Hear it for yourself below:


In that testimony the Postmaster stated:

"As we head into this election season, I want to assure this committee and the American public that the Postal Service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time. This sacred duty is my No. 1 priority between now and election day”

He then stated:

"I want to make a few things clear: The Postal Service is ready today to handle whatever volume of election mail it receives this fall”

Mr. DeJoy even stated he would prioritize ballots over other mail.  Everything you have heard from the mainstream manipulative media about this issue has been fake news.

For those that believe Mr. DeJoy is a President Trump appointee and lackey Senator Johnson stated:

"One fact that needs to be highlighted to refute one part of the false narrative is that the postmaster general is not appointed by President Trump…The bipartisan Postal Board of Governors engaged a professional search firm that identified Louis DeJoy as an outstanding candidate with the necessary background and skill set to tackle the enormous challenges postal system. The bipartisan governors then unanimously, again, let me repeat that, they unanimously approved his appointment as postmaster general."

In the Postmasters testimony, he stated that he never spoke with President Trump about any of the updates to the Postal service that is set to bring in another over 10 billion loss.

When it comes to the mail sorting machines being decommissioned he stated that all of the mail sorting machines run on average approximately 35% of the time due to decreases in letter mail every year.  What is increasing is packages and the USPS Board of Governors want to remove the sorting machines to better process packages.

By the way, these same changes happened under the Obama/Biden presidency, does that mean they were actually sabotaging the mail system in order to win the 2012 election.  Oh, is that how Obama won the 2012 election and apparently the mainstream manipulative news and the Democrats were ok with it back then.

Remember to be informed before you show the world how ignorant of some issues you wish to protest you are.

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