The former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party and now an attorney with a firm called Goodman Acker has decided that he will sue Michigan’s most activist liberal Attorney General Dana Nessel on the behalf of his client.

Fox 17 is reporting that the issue goes back to 2018 and two ballot petitions that garnered enough signatures to be signed into law or put up for a vote.  Did they actually collect enough valid signatures we are not sure since Mark Brewer has problems with our process of collecting signatures for these ballots, at least that was his concern when Unlock Michigan collected more than 100,000 signatures than needed under the same rules.

The two ballot issues were:

  • increase the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2022
  • required employers to provide paid sick leave.

They never had to be put on the ballot for a vote because the legislature adopted the ballot issues as written. The Left is angry because they say that after the election the legislature “gutted” the laws.

Mark Brewer attorney for the lawsuit titled "Mothering Justice V. Nessel," said:

"They came back in the lame-duck session and gutted them”

How they “gutted” them he refused to say or it was not reported.  I would assume if Brewer spoke of his concerns it would have been reported.  Why he did not inform us what they did to gut them we do not know.  There are two reasons I am very suspect of this lawsuit the first is Mark Brewer is involved and anything he is involved with you must be suspect of.  The second reason is that they are not informing us what was done to gut these laws to be able to discern if there is a legitimate problem here.  When someone speaks of gutting a law the gutting is all in the eyes of the beholder.  When the eyes are looking through a political lens then all bets are off on believing that a person who is deeply steeped in partisan politics is being honest.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel in a press release said she believed what they did was unconstitutional but:

"She is not the proper party against whom to bring any of the complaints.”

Really, the Attorney General is not the person who would advocate for the State of Michigan whether something is constitutional or not constitutional under Michigan’s Constitution.  If not the Attorney General then who?  It appears you believe that Mark Brewer's lawsuit is frivolous or else you would issue an opinion on the basis of what he is suing for. 

Brewer informs us that back in the 1960s, then-Attorney General Frank Kelly issued an opinion that it was unconstitutional to pass a ballot initiative as written then change it after the election.  I would think that to be completely wrong since legislatures change laws every year. Grant it Dana this is Mark Brewer saying this so I would verify that before you believe him.  Then in 2018, Attorney General Bill Schuette issued an opinion that it was constitutional.  If both of those Michigan Attorney Generals issued an opinion why can't you?

Dana, are you telling the people of Michigan, the United States and the world that former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party and now practicing attorney Mark Brewer has no idea what he is doing?  Or are you just telling us he has no idea what he is doing when it comes to practicing law?

I will be waiting eagerly to hear your answer.

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