With the prices of just about everything increasing these days so are the fees to camp and lodge at Michigan’s great state parks.  Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issued a press release informing us of these price increases.

These price increases took effect on November 1, 2021, and are as follows:

  • $2 and $8 per night, depending on the location and day of the week.
  • Rustic campsites will increase by no more than $5 per night.
  • Overnight lodging will increase by $10 per night.

The press release went on to say:

“As a result of the increased revenue from these new fees, visitors should see enhancements throughout the state park system, including customer service, cleaner parks and restrooms, natural resource stewardship efforts and park amenities such as new fire rings and picnic tables. This adjustment will help fund more competitive pay rates for seasonal park workers who play a critical role in serving visitors during the busy summer season.”

We are told that “approximately 97% of state parks funding for operations and maintenance is generated by user fees and royalty revenues”.  The following is a breakdown of approximately where the state parks revenue is coming from:

  • Camping and lodging reservation fees provide 51%.
  • Recreation Passport sales provide 26%.
  • State-owned, oil, gas and mineral royalty revenues - which feed the Michigan State Parks Endowment Fund - provide 15%.
  • Concessions, shelter reservations, and miscellaneous sources provide 5%.

Instead of looking to vacation outside of Michigan, you may want to see what great state parks we have right here in Michigan.

ehrlif Getty Stock / Think Stock
ehrlif Getty Stock / Think Stock

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