As we head into the Fourth of July Weekend, the Michigan DNR has a few tips and reminders for you.

This weekend, Americans will be celebrating the Fourth of July holiday weekend. As always, many of us will be celebrating with fireworks. With that said, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources just wants to remind you to be safe. Each year, 18,500 fires each year are caused by fireworks. It is up to all of us to keep our families and those watching safe, so don't be dumb and get crazy with the explosives.

It is going to be very hot and dry this weekend, so here are some tips from the Michigan DNR to keep in mind while lighting fireworks at home:

  • Toss hand-held fireworks into a bucket of water when they are finished.
  • Always keep a water source ready to put out any embers or possible flare-ups. It is also a good idea to hose down the area after you are done.
  • Do not try to re-ignite fireworks that won't go off.
  • Do not launch fireworks into forests or fields.
  • Always supervise kids and keep fireworks away from your face and eyes.
  • Sky lanterns are also popular, but can also start wildfires and entangle wildlife.

A lot of this seems like common sense, but we all have a "Druncle Randy" that gets a little too out of control after a few PBR's. Whether he is related, a family friend, or just the guy in the neighborhood that lights everything off, we all have someone in our life that we need to worry about.

Bottom line, be safe, have fun, and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Source: Michigan DNR


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