Michigan seems to have a symbol for everything - except food.

Our State Flower is an Apple Blossom, our State Bird is the American Robin, the White Pine is our State Tree and Michigan even has a State Gem, Chlorastrolite (WTF is that?). You get my point, Michigan has symbols.

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However, Michigan does not have a State Food. Not that anyone has ever asked me what our State Food is, I just assumed it was a coney dog or a piece of fudge. Not the case. Both are good suggestions I think, but is the coney dog an all over the state food, or mostly in Flint and Detroit? I honestly do not know.

What do you think our State Food should be? Keep in mind this is food only, not a beverage. We do have a State Drink - the Hummer (I am going to take a deep dive into how that came to be next week). Today is all about food.

Here are my ideas in no particular order,

I know all of the above are pure Michigan foods, but do they each represent the state as a whole? Am I forgetting a food that tastes like the Great Lake State?

Let me know what your suggestions are. Now that I have been thinking about all this Michigan food, I may have to prepare a complete Mitten State meal this weekend.

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