The air was so frigid around much of Michigan Monday morning, that many areas were at or near record breaking cold for morning low temperatures. Temps ranged across the state from -10 to -15 below zero and some isolated areas were even colder. Many schools closed, not for snow, but because of dangerous cold that could cause frostbite in just minutes.

But it didn't stop us from getting outside (briefly) and having a little fun outside the radio station with a neat little trick you can do when the weather reaches temperatures this chilly. Watch below!

So the trick is, you fill a cup or container with very hot to boiling water and then take it outside and throw it in the air. This can be dangerous, so make sure the wind is at your back and that you aim the water up and away from your body. If all goes right, the hot water will become a powdery snow when it hits the air and gently blows away and falls to the ground.

You may have to wait until next time we hit double-digit below zero temps again, which is usually the minimum you need to do this activity.

Although fun, we hope that doesn't happen again anytime soon!

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