The Delta Aquariids meteor shower is hitting its peak this weekend. The weather should be perfect for sitting outside and counting meteors. Plus, there's nothing on TV this time of year. So, unless you're going to binge-watch "Breaking Bad" again, get your butt outside. C'mon, you already know how it ends.

According to, this meteor shower should give you a chance to see up to 20 meteors an hour. And the Delta Aquariids goes on until the middle of August. The meteors should come out of the southern end of the sky, near the constellation Aquarius. They may be faint, so your best shot to see them is now, while we get nearer to a new moon on the 31st. (And since they're faint, if you're with your friends, just say you saw one, even if you didn't)

But you never know what you'll see. On Wednesday, we had three asteroids pass pretty close to Earth. According to CNN, one of them was about 400 feet across and we didn't even know it was out there until three weeks ago. Thanks a lot, science.

Happy meteor hunting. Here's the story.

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