Today the Chippewa Valley students are enjoying this winter day, not in school and it may be because of a clever and talented student. With news of a major snowstorm crushing the west side of the state, Daniella Grainger wanted to take her talents to Twitter and call out the Superintendent, urging him to give them a snow day.

Daniella is a talented singer/guitarist and apparently songwriter who wrote this creative song to convince Chippewa Valley Schools Superintendent, Ron Roberts, to call it in:

The video blew up, as you can see and triggered responses from fellow classmates and followers:

It turns out that it all paid off as later on, Mr. Roberts sent out a tweet confirming the day off for Chippewa Valley Schools:

I think it's safe to say that the students of the school owe Daniella some kind of reward for her quick thinking and ingenuity solidifying their day off. Hopefully, they all spend it wisely.

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