We've all been there: sitting on the couch, relaxing, and then a bug scurries along the wall or the floor.

What kind of bug will often determine how you handle the situation. Dangerous or disgusting bugs get the squash boot, and helpful bugs get the "find a new home" boot.

As much as I hate bugs, I try my best to be reasonable. With most spiders, for example, I try to just get them out of the house. It's cool that they eat all the other bugs that are even more problematic, but they can do that outside of my home as far as I'm concerned.

Sometimes my rule is to give the bug one chance to let me get them outside peacefully and then things might get violent. Stink bugs, which are way too common here in Michigan, get all of the passes though.

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But that's how I handle normal, everyday, small bugs that have between 6-8 legs, which is already too many. Heaven forbid I see something with 15 legs crawl across the floor to pounce on one of the smaller bugs.

House centipedes are terrifying creatures. Ironically, though, they pose virtually no threat to humans and can, in fact, live symbiotically with you in your home, ridding you of smaller pests.

Of course, they aren't the easiest bugs to catch to let outside. They're fast and shifty. But, you should never kill one of these guys if you see them in your house.

While centipeds can bite humans, it isn't problematic enough for concern. Besides, they are much more interested in finding their next meal.

House centipedes kill many unwelcome pests that hide in your home such as roaches, moths, flies, silverfish, and termites without causing any harm or hazard to your home. Plus, unlike spiders, they aren't making webs and nests to seemingly take over the house.

Still, I totally understand if you don't want them crawling around your home with their unsymmetrical number of way-too-many-legs. According to Reader's Digest, the best way to get rid of them is to do their job for them by getting rid of the bugs they consider food. Using dehumidifiers and fans while also sealing cracks is one simple path to doing so without chemicals and exterminators.

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