Money collected from the sale of alcohol in Michigan could soon be dedicated to the prevention of addiction.

House Bill 5085 was passed by the Michigan House of Representatives 104-3 on Tuesday, and it would require that if the Michigan Liquor Control Commission collected more money in a fiscal year than they did in the previous year, 50 percent of that excess money would need to be allotted to Michigan's general fund, for disbursement to community mental health agencies to fight substance use disorders. 25 percent of the allotted funds would need to be directed to programs that aren't focused exclusively on alcohol.

The requirement would be effective during the fiscal year ending September 30, 2018.

As well, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services would be directed to look into federal funding for programs fighting substance use disorders, including things like grants, awards, and federal matching funds. Any federal funds would be in addition to the required 50 percent funding.

HB 5085 was introduced by Republican Representative Steve Marino, and has changed since it was initially introduced. The original version of the bill required the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to contribute 4 percent of their total net income per fiscal year.

The bill now goes to the Michigan Senate.

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