The Michigan Humane Society lead a huge effort to save around 80 animals that were in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

The animals were at multiple shelters in Florida with Hurricane Dorian bearing down on top of them. The directors of the Florida and Michigan Humane Societies teamed up to make sure that these animals would have somewhere safe during the storm.

The Wings of Rescue plane landed at Willow Run airport on Sunday with about 80 animals. The rescue served two purposes for the shelters in Florida. First, it took the animals that they were caring for out of harms way. Second, it opened up space for a possible influx of lost pets if Dorian makes land fall.

The animals will go through health evaluations this week, then will be up for adoption in the following Humane Society locations.

  • Michigan Humane Society
  • Harbor Humane Society
  • Capital Area Humane Society
  • Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit
  • Michigan Animal Rescue League

If you would like to adopt any of the animals coming, contact your local Humane Society for information.

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