We all know that lobbyists look out for their clients and only their clients only.  We expect them to exaggerate at times and even go as far as perhaps not always representing the facts in a truthful manner.

When it comes to our health these people should always be upfront and honest and not exaggerate or represent the facts as something other than they are.  That has recently happened with the “hospital officials” and a lobbyist group called the Michigan Association for Local Public Health.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential, the news arm of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy is exposing this, to be nice we will call it an exaggeration by Norm Hess, executive director of the Michigan Association for Local Public Health.

According to the news site MIRS Norm wrote the following:

This is no longer a local situation…The Delta variant is affecting people of all ages in every county of the state. Our hospitals are rapidly filling or are full, and this time it includes a significant population of children.

Really Norm, you believe that 27 children 17 and younger for the entire state of Michigan is “a significant population of children”?

The Michigan Capitol Confidential researched and reported the following:

On Sept. 24, there were 27 people 17-and-under in hospitals statewide with confirmed COVID. People under 17 make up 3% of all COVID hospitalizations…As of Sept. 27, there were a total of 24 pediatric hospitalization cases that had been confirmed to have COVID-19 in Michigan

Norm, do you still believe that 3% of all Covid hospitalizations is a “significant population of children” or would you like to correct that statement?

On September 8th I wrote a piece titled “Are Michigan Hospitals Overwhelmed With Covid Patients?”, you should read it to find out what the numbers really are.  In that piece, I wrote, “When you look at the facts and the data it appears that our hospital bed occupancy is not that much different than our historical numbers”.

Now ask yourself why is Norm Hess, executive director of the Michigan Association for Local Public Health greatly exaggerating when it comes to the number of Michigan children in the hospital due to the Covid virus?

It is shameful when people use public health to attain whatever their hidden agenda is.  Our health should not be a political football and people who use incorrect or exaggerated data to sow fear should not be in the positions they are.

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