Wait til you hear where the money allegedly came from.

An Allen Park, Michigan man attempted to pay a traffic fine at the 24th District Court with two fake $50 bills mixed with three real $20 bills.  At first it sounds like the man was throwing his girlfriend under the bus according to The News Herald,

Police informed him that the currency he attempted to pass was fake. The man said he was unaware where it came from. He said his girlfriend put their money together in a cash box at home, so it could have possibly come from her. He said there was another $50 bill at home, so he requested to get the bill and to speak with his girlfriend to prove he had no knowledge of the counterfeit bills.

Police asked him to go home and bring back money from the cash box so they can check for more fake money.  He did in fact have another fake $50.

The man's sister told police that the money came from her sister.  That woman claims she received the counterfeit money when she sold her Apple watch online.  She met the buyer in person at a bus stop on Jan 4th and traded the Apple watch for what she thought was actual money.

The police kept the fake money as evidence and the man paid his ticket with a debit card.


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