Some people are just really dedicated to having drinks.

Sidney Hausding of Alpena picked up his 8th charge for drinking and driving last month. The 72-year-old was stopped by Michigan State Police right around 7 pm on Friday, January 18th. Hausding was driving well below the speed limit on Oliver Street in Alpena causing troopers to pull him over.

Once they began investigating, state troopers found that he had been driving without a valid drivers license. From there, a roadside sobriety test was given to Hausding, of which he failed. He was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated and taken to Alpena County Jail.

As troopers looked into his history, they found that his license was actually revoked and the 72-year-old had seven previous OWI convictions.

How can someone get so many? You become a felony after three of them. I know that there isn't a lot to do in Alpena, but damn! Drink at home man.

Source: MLive

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