Nothing to see here, just a man in bed with two large Burmese Pythons

The internet is freaking out about this man taking a quick nap with his 2 cuddly reptiles.  Maybe this is all relative and we should calm down.  For example, I know people that are terrified of my three Pitbulls.  Those adorable canines sleep with me all of the time.  In my opinion, they are the best cuddlers on the planet.  That's clearly how Brain Barczyk of Utica Michigan feels about his two cozy, slithering snakes.

Barczyk's Instagram video has been liked nearly 28 thousand times and viewed over 1 million times since he uploaded it 7 days ago.  He does look very peaceful. What do you think?

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So, who is this snake guy?  According to his website,, Barczyk has been on the Discovery Channel's Venom Hunters and has a massive online following,

Brian Barczyk is an expert on wildlife, with a passion for teaching animal-lovers of all kinds about the fun and crazy world of reptiles.

He has 3.56 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, 2 million followers on Facebook, and nearly 1 million followers on Instagram.  In other words, he is no stranger to going viral.  In fact, Brian had a youtube video go viral to the tune of 63 million views just 3 months ago.  Warning: this video shows a snake eating a rabbit.

That's just one of the 108 youtube videos with 1 million or more views on Barczyk's YouTube channel.

One more viral video from Brian's youtube channel that will blow your mind shows a snake with two heads having lunch.  Watch at your own risk.

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