A Walker, Michigan man never could have guessed that one day his life would be saved by a woman 1,200 miles away. But that's exactly what happened to Dan Magennis. Last Tuesday, Magennis called Comcast's Customer Service line to complain about an issue he was having with his cable. When a representative became available and began speaking with him, she realized something was terribly wrong. According to an article from WZZM, the Comcast employee, Kimberly Williams, who was working from a call center in Jackson, Mississippi, said, quote, "Only thing I was able to get was his name and then his words got slurred right away. And then I heard the phone drop." Having witnessed her own grandmother having a stroke years earlier, Williams jumped in to action. She immediately called first responders in Magennis' area. They were able to get him to a hospital quickly, so quickly, in fact, that the attending physician said William's actions prevented Magennis from having a massive stroke which would have resulted in his death.

So how is Dan Magennis? Out of the hospital after just two days with almost no lasting effects. He has a lot to be thankful for, especially for a the actions of a stranger in Mississippi.

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