A Detroit divorce lawyer gives away a free divorce every year for Valentine's Day, but this year's winner is more about the pending marriage.

Paul Cook and his wife have been separated for about four years now, but have not had the money to make the divorce official. Both Paul and his wife have moved on with their lives, and would love to have the divorce finalized. Paul entered the free divorce contest so he could actually get married again.

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Paul met his current fiancé, Christine, a couple of years ago and proposed shortly afterward, and that's when tragedy hit. Christine was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer only a few months after getting engaged. She feared that Paul would take back his engagement, but that's not what happened. Paul told FOX2 that he had found the perfect woman for him, and had no plans of going anywhere.

The problem was that Paul was still legally married, so he couldn't marry Christine until he was divorced. The money for the divorce was still a looming issue, especially with medical bills piling up after Christine's diagnosis.  Then Paul got the good news.

Akiva Goldman is the attorney that holds the free divorce contest and he was drawn to Paul's story. Goldman said that many of the entrants are people unhappy with their current lawyer, but that's not who they are trying to help. Paul's story was different, and eventually became the winner.

So now Paul is going to be able to finalize his divorce and marry Christine. This is definitely an unconditional love story, but it is one of the best I've heard.

The sad reality is that Christine is still battling her terminal lung cancer. Her friends and family have started a go fund me page to help the two handle the medical bills. You can donate to the gofundme page here. Let's focus on the love story side for a moment though, and celebrate the soon to be married couple.


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