Usually, when you see that Netflix is making a big change you hope that it's because a great show is coming to the platform. But as we've come to learn over the years, it usually means a spike in prices or advertisements.

Unfortunately, the newest change coming to Netflix falls in the latter category, though prices won't technically be increasing. Instead, for viewers across the country, including Michigan, it just got more expensive to watch ad-free on the platform.

Last year, Netflix announced it would soon phase out its cheapest ad-free subscription option, which cost $11.99 per month. It served as a buffer price between having to sit through ad breaks or having an unencumbered experience regardless of how you watch.

Unfortunately, the change won't allow you to carry the package once Netflix removes it from your account. In other words, there is no legacy or grandfathered subscription to save you a few bucks and a few minutes per show. You'll have to re-up your subscription to the cheapest option and revert to ads, or take on a price increase to your subscription to avoid the commercials.

A Reddit post in /r/mildlyinfurating helped tip the world that the change was beginning to roll out. It's not affecting everyone just yet, as it appears the OP was based in Canada based on their subscription price. Canada and the UK were expected to experience the change first anyway.

At the very least, Michigan viewers can expect to see a similar message soon if they were subscribed to the original Basic plan.

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The tired subscription prices will now look like this:

  • The "New" Basic (Standard With Ads) Plan at $6.99 per month for ad-supported viewing in HD on one device
  • The Standard Plan at $15.49 per month for ad-free viewing in HD on two devices
  • The Premium Plan at $22.99 per month for ad-free viewing in Ultra HD on up to six devices at once.

The Standard and Premium plans do at least allow you to share your account with people who don't live with you for a fee of $7.99 - though the Standard plan only allows one extra member slot.

If you were to start a new Netflix account today, these are the only options available to you as the $11.99 option has already been taken away for new subscribers.

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