The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), which happens to be the country’s top association of speech therapist representing more than 200,000 therapists, are very concerned that out of the blue the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has decided to change a major childhood development milestone.   That change curiously comes after 2 years of our public healthcare scientists, doctors, officials, Governors, county officials, teacher unions and teachers demanding the mandating of children wearing masks. To add to that this is the first time the CDC has ever updated this milestone checklist since they originally released it back in 2004.

The CDC has updated its “milestone checklist” to downgrade or lower the number of words a child should learn by 30 months of age.  The CDC now believes that children should learn 50 words by 30 months of age.  According to an article by the Washington Free Beacon ASHA’s guidelines state that “saying fewer than 50 words at 24 months is a sign of a language problem”.   In a statement ASHA stated:

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ASHA has reached out to CDC, expressing its concern about inconsistencies and urging the agency to utilize the expertise of SLPs when making changes to developmental milestones in speech, language, feeding, and social communication.


Studies have shown that masks block the speech development of infants and young children because they conceal facial reactions.  One study published by the U.S National Library of Medicine concluded:

the difficulty in determining what facial expression a person is exhibiting behind a mask may present challenges for infants and young children as they depend on their parents’ facial expressions, coupled with tone and/or voice to regulate their reactions toward others. Health professionals should understand the potential effects of prolonged mask wearing to minimise any potential long-term impact on neonatal development and optimise psychological outcomes for babies, infants, children and their parents.

Belsie González, a senior public affairs specialist for the CDC, told the Washington Free Beacon "The milestones included in the checklists represent skills and abilities that MOST children are able to do by a specified age…As always, CDC will continue to collect feedback, review data and information, and make appropriate adjustments if necessary."

It did not end there, the CDC also downgraded from 6 to 3 words a child should learn by 18 months of age. Currently, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children over the age of two wear masks.

Why do you think the Federal government would lower the standards now?  Could it be they realize the needless harm they and the teacher unions brought to the children in our country and they do not want it to be exposed?  Most everyone in the corporate business of public education is fighting against standardized testing for the exact same reason.  They do not want the public to realize the needless harm they brought upon the children.

Did the Governor of Michigan know that wearing masks could harm young Michigan children and students?  Governor Whitmer wrote on Michigan’s Coronavirus website the following:

School speech therapists may find wearing a face covering interferes with their ability to perform their job. Face shields are an appropriate alternative for the speech therapist and the student during therapy sessions

I would say that she did know of the harm she was bringing to these young Michigan children and students.

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