As we celebrate the birth of the United States on Independence Day, a new study determined the least and most patriotic states. It may come as a surprise, but Michigan was ranked as one of the least patriotic states in the country.

WalletHub ranked all 50 states based on factors such as military and civic engagement - effectively what each state is willing to do for their country selflessly. Michigan landed at No. 34 overall, or the No. 16 least-patriotic state.

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Michigan's military engagement is what really dragged the state down in the rankings. This category is only a quarter of the weight for the study's final rankings, but Michigan was the fourth-worst state in the category.

The category is relatively straightforward - average military enlistees per 1,000 civilian adults, the veteran population, and active-adult military. While Michigan didn't land in the bottom five for any particular category, the state's overall performance was one of the worst in the country.

Michigan performed considerably better, though still nationally average, for civic engagement, landing at No. 24.

This category largely focused on the percentage of the voting population who took advantage of their civic duty and those who volunteered their own time.

The results of the rankings overall are rather surprising. Virginia proved to be the most patriotic while Alaska, Montana, Maine and Oregon rounded out the top five.

Arkansas ranked as the least patriotic due to scoring the worst in civic engagement. New York, Massachusettes and Florida also landed in the bottom five.

You can check out the full study from WalletHub here.

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