Home security cameras have recorded people pretending to be Door Dash delivery drivers while stealing packages.

An important tip during this season of porch pirates.  Keep your eye on everyone in your neighborhood, even if they appear to be delivery drivers.  That's the latest twist on the oldest crime according to pressandguide.com,

Surveillance cameras captured footage of two men, carrying red Door Dash food delivery bags as a subterfuge, stealing packages from a porch on Dec. 3 in the 3600 block of Eastham Road in Dearborn.

The two suspects in this specific case are described as black men wearing all black and carrying food delivery bags.  The suspects were driving a black Chevy Malibu.

Meanwhile in Detroit, it looks like a female suspect has made being a porch pirate her business.  She has been caught on camera multiple times pulling into driveways with a U-Haul truck, casually walking up to the front door and taking packages that don't belong to her.  She is going to the trouble to rent a truck and likely planning her routes.  See more in this recent video from Click on Detroit below.

Just a couple days ago another suspected female porch pirate who was caught on multiple door cameras was arrested in Detroit.  She's seen driving away in a Range Rover.  When she was pulled over, the truck was full of stolen packages.  Oh by the way, the Range Rover was also stolen.  Get more on this story in the video below from CBS Detroit.

Sure, the three incidents above are in the Detroit area.  But we ALL have to keep an eye on our neighborhood during the Holiday season.

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