Breaking news, federal judge Mark Goldsmith just ruled that Michigan's Presidential election recount can end. Judge Goldsmith lifted his temporary restraining order preventing state officials from stopping the recount requested by the 4th place finisher Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

The Detroit News is reporting that the "Michigan’s Board of State Canvassers anticipated the order and directed elections officials to halt the presidential recount Thursday morning".

The Michigan Board of Canvassers panel of two Republicans and two Democrats voted 3-1 on a motion that would pause the recount if Judge Goldsmith lifted the restraining order. Well he lifted his restraining order so the recount will finally end.

More importantly it looks like this ridiculous expenditure of Michigan taxpayer dollars can finally end. I am not against recounts I am just against having the taxpayer pay for the recount for someone who has virtually no chance of winning.

By the way during the three days of manual counting they only found a change in 66 votes between President-elect Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

The bigger issue found during this recount is that they found precincts that couldn’t be recounted because of improperly secured ballot boxes or vote counts in the boxes that didn’t match election records. This is something we as a state need to investigate and follow up on. We must get down to the bottom of these election improprieties and demand answers to why the board of canvassers in Detroit, Lansing and Flint when the ballots did not reconcile with the totals in the counting machines.

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