The question is how long the Democratic Party will allow Rashida to remain in her congressional seat and in their Party?

Will this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

This will tell quite a bit about today’s Democratic Party.

Will they allow this seditious and insurrectionist behavior?

The Washington Free Beacon has reported on Rashida retweeting a post from someone named Khaled Beydoun who apparently is a racist who is pushing the debunked critical race theory.  That post asked people to donate to a group called Baitulmaal.  This group fundraises for the United States government-designated terrorist group Hamas. According to the article Baitulmaal Facebook page contains “references to "the filth of the most dirty Jews" and "Nazi Zionist jails”.”

Hamas awards cash prizes to the families of what they call “martyrs” who blow themselves up with as many innocent men, women and children as they can.  Hamas and the Palestinian Authority call this their "Pay to Slay" program.

Great guys that Rashida loves to be around and now help raise money for.  We are also informed by the article that the leader of Hamas Mazen Mokhtar, has been accused of working with other terrorist organizations such as the Taliban.  A 2020 analysis by the Middle East Forum found that the Baitilmaal group works very closely with the terrorist group Hamas.

Rashida has been working with the Hamas terrorist grouping for years now.

Tlaib represents Michigan's 13th congressional district in Wayne County. The district includes the western half of Detroit, several of its western suburbs and much of the Downriver area.

When people across the United States and the world hear of her hatred of this country, her anti-Semitic racist views and her absolute racist hatred of white people they do not equate her with Michigan’s 13th district, think of her as representing Michigan.

When will the Michigan Democratic caucus and the national Party say enough is enough and begin to isolate her from the Party or take steps to remove her from her seat?

Michigan’s reputation has been hurt enough from the absolute hate that lives in her heart, soul, and mind.

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