How much lower can this Michigan U.S. Representative take her and the people who voted for her reputations down?  It is starting to look like she has either lost her mind or is so full of hate that she cannot keep it bottled up any longer.

When President Trump called for a National Day of Prayer a Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor turned media “Hogg” by the name David Hogg tweeted the following:

The lovely Michigan Democrat Rep. Tlaib saw the post and loved what he said so much she retweeted his tweet.  From CNS News:


(NOTE: This retweet by Rep. Rashida Tlaib has been edited to obscure a four-letter word)

Do you really believe someone with so much hate in her heart, soul, and mind really prays?  

Also does anyone with two brain cells to rub together really think retweeting “F—- A National Prayer Day” “was not to be an attack on prayer”?

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