Now, this is interesting, I wonder what Governor Whitmer. Joe Biden and the rest of the masks Nazis have to say about what Democrat Rep. Tlaib just said. Tlaib apparently does not believe in wearing masks thus I think we can reasonably assume she does not think they work.

The Washington Free Beacon just reported that Rashida told people attending a Detroit community event that she only wears a mask when she thinks she will be caught by someone who would expose her rejection of what her party religiously believes in.

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At a Democratic event, Rashida was speaking to another mask-less person attending the event.  This mask-less person thought that Rashida was upset with him because he did not wear a mask.  She immediately responded by saying:

“Oh, no, oh, not you! No, no, no—I'm just wearing it because I've got a Republican tracker here."


She is only wearing a mask because she has a Republican tracker at the event.  A tracker is someone who attends events of politicians they are assigned to and video’s all the events.  Both the Republican and Democratic Parties use these trackers.  In fact, I have been at events where the Democrat trackers were following Republican candidates.

Recently just days after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended that everyone wear masks indoors in "high" community transmission regardless if they were vaccinated or not.  She was caught dancing mask-less at a very crowded, indoor wedding in Dearborn, MI, a city the CDC labeled as a city with “high transmission".  She was caught on the very same day she tore into Sen. Rand Paul for “urging his followers to "resist" Centers for Disease Control and Prevention masking guidelines”.  I guess she was upset that Senator Paul was stealing her thunder of urging "resistance" to the CDC's mask recommendation.

Remember when Whitmer was caught dining with at least a dozen other people at The Landshark Bar & Grill in East Lansing, Michigan, without a mask?

How about Fauci at the baseball game with his mask under his chin?

Then we have the Biden’s taking pictures with the very elderly Jimmy Carter and his wife.  A visit and picture in which ere neither of them was wearing masks?

I could go on but I will let the Washington Examiner tell you about the others.  They have compiled a list of all the “Democratic officials who have defied their own coronavirus restrictions”.

Since we have caught so many Democrat politicians breaking their own Covid executive orders and mandates. I have been asking the question for quite a while, what do they know that they are not informing the rest of us.

Why do they show us by their actions that they like Tlaib really do not believe in their orders and mandates they expect the rest of us peon’s to follow.

Now the question is will the same people who voted these people in, vote again for them?  If so, then the next question would be what does that tell us about them?

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