It appears that anti-Semitic thoughts has risen once again in our Congress.  This time it is Michigan’s own Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib showing her dark side.

The Washington Fee Beacon is reporting abut an extremely anti-Semitic Instagram account that until she was exposed Congresswomen Tlaib was following on her Instagram account.  The name of this anti-Semitic Instagram account is free.palestine.1948

In that Instagram account they post images of Jewish people as rats, vampires, Nazis and blame Jews for the 9/11 attacks.

The Washington Free Beacon points out that Ms. Tlaib has 244,000 followers and only 1080 accounts that she follows, did she just miss that one.

The discovery of Ms. Tlaib's following of the account was first reported by the Capital Research Center.

It is interesting to find out that since the reporting by the Capital Research Center, Ms. Tlaib has unfollowed the free.palestine.1948 account.

How much anti-Semitism is the Democratic Party going to endure until they say enough is enough?

It is also interesting to know that Ms. Tlaib blames Islamophobia for the Democratic Party member’s reaction to fellow anti-Semite Congresswomen Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks.  Sure it is other hater’s problem that she and her colleagues are making anti-Semitic statements, or at least how most of the rest of the world interprets them.

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