You have to ask yourself if Governor Whitmer truly cares about the safety of construction workers enough to order that they cannot work then why does she allow road construction workers to work?

The only intellectually honest answer could be that she is not as much concerned with road construction workers as she is with getting her “state” project completed.  That “state” project would be her promise to fix the “damn” roads.  What else could the answer or reason be?

One of my listeners, a man who is in the construction trade, sent me some pictures of a construction site in the Kalamazoo area, pictures he took.  As you can see they are wearing construction helmets and maybe some protective glasses.

Courtesy of an anonymous Live with Renk listener
Courtesy of an anonymous Live with Renk listener
Courtesy of an anonymous Live with Renk listener
Courtesy of an anonymous Live with Renk listener

What are they not wearing?  

They are not wearing any personal protection equipment (PPE’s) like face masks.  

They also are closer than 6 feet to each other.

This piece by no means is attempting to cast aspersions on these workers, I assume they know what they are doing.  This piece is intended to ask all of you to consider the question of why Whitmer would allow these people in the construction business to work and not other people in the same trade?

In an opinion piece published in the Detroit News Whitmer wrote:

That’s why I’m extending the Stay Home, Stay Safe Order to May 15 to further protect Michigan families from the spread of this virus, and to ensure that when people leave the house, they’re being safe.

Are the families of these road construction workers included in that Governor, because it appears they are not.  So again I believe it is a fair question to ask; why do the families of the road construction workers not matter as much as the building construction families?  Or do you know something you are not telling the rest of us when it comes to the COVID-19 virus.  Are the road construction workers and their families in more danger by the economic hardships you are creating for the building construction workers.

The person who sent me these pictures is in the building construction business and he wrote to me:

Right now construction workers are pretty ticked at the governor.

We understand how to work safely!!! ...  Most of our work is outside and we work around danger all the time with power tools, ladders, install trusses, shingling a roof, flatwork concrete, installing siding, insulation, drywall, trimming, painting, flooring, etc.

We try real hard not to kill ourselves😀

As a building contractor we have more than just payroll to worry about.  We have to pay subcontractors and suppliers and that  can be in the thousands of dollars.  We might be out $100,000 on a construction project as we wait for a draw.

I told a county official just a few weeks ago ...  you’ve never lost $10,000 in your entire life.

I ask the question to all of you in the construction/building trade, are you “ticked” off enough to remember how the Governor played favorites come this fall and when she is up for re-election?

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