Kids have only been back to school a few days (in Grand Blanc) and already I've witnessed moron drivers not stopping when buses stop to pick up or drop off kids. I'd like to blame it on the state of the world we're living in but this has been a problem for a lot longer than that.

Thankfully there's a new law that would allow cameras to be installed on stop arms to stop people from passing illegally. Well, technically it might not stop them but at least these idiots could be tracked down and ticketed. Yes, school buses already have cameras on them but they are only on their dashboards.

According to ABC12, back in July, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed two bills that allow schools to equip buses with cameras on stop arms to watch for drivers passing illegally.

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Grand Blanc Township Police Department Sgt. Scott Theede:

One of the things with someone who drives past a stopped bus, an officer doesn’t have to witness that. That’s an infraction that we can go on the driver’s description, so using the cameras that are on there can help us identify the vehicle and the driver.

On Monday, the first day that kids went back to school in Grand Blanc, I watched a person stop for a school bus but got so impatient that they just drove around the bus. You could just tell the way they took off, they were so pissed that they had to sit and wait for these little kids. If you're the kind of person that acts like suck.

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