Last week I reported that the Michigan Senate was asked today to approve 13 people Governor Gretchen Whitmer wanted to be appointed to certain boards and commissions.  The Republicans who control the Senate said NO to all of them.

MLive reported that Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich, D-Flint, said:

“This is rank politics...We’re in divided government. Maybe you haven’t gotten the memo, but I’m going to let you know. It takes compromise, it takes a two-way street, not just getting up here whining”

Good to know that at least once in a blue moon the Republicans in Michigan will use their power even if it appears to be “rank politics”. Whitmer and the Democratic Party have been doing so for 10 months.  Her Democrat colleagues in the House and Senate do so whenever possible.  What would you call switching your votes because Whitmer vetoed a bill that you helped pass and you did not want to send a veto-proof bill back to her desk?  Senator Ananich was playing “rank politics” when he switched his vote if Whitmer told him to.

Whitmer is still refusing to compromise so the Senate Republicans decided once again to give them a dose of their own “rank politics”.  The Detroit News is reporting yesterday the Michigan Senate rejected another five of Governor Whitmer’s appointees. Senate Advice and Consent Committee Chair Senator  Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton, said the Senate was using the only power to pressure Governor Whitmer to compromise with "the people's representatives”.  He went on to say:

"This governor has done everything possible to avoid working with the elected members of this chamber”

The Senate Democrats complain that the Senate Republicans are not playing fair and they should compromise like Whitmer has not been doing for a year now.  When asked where has Whitmer compromised they call you a sexist and run away.

Interesting how these Democrat Senators are proving what I have been saying for years.  The Democrats are the Party of Teenagers and they ask the Republicans time, after time, after time to be the Party of adults.

Teenagers often get mad at you when you turn around and do to them what they do to you.  These elected Democrat politicians need to grow up and join us at the adult table.  Although until they can show some responsibility they must still use the paper cups and cannot walk around with their drinks in their hands.

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