One side believes parents should have the right to choose, you could say that side is pro-choice.  That side is represented mostly by the Republican Party.  The other side believes that no one, including parents, should have the right to choose.  That side is represented mostly by the Democratic Party and we can call them anti-choice or anti-pro-choice. 

That certainly is an interesting flip.

Proof of my above statement is evident in how the politicians voted on the following Michigan Senate bills SB: 600, 601, 602, and 603. These bills deal primarily with giving parents the ability to decide on masks, vaccinations and testing for their children.

The bills passed on Party lines.  Republicans believe parents should decide what is right for their children and the Democrats believe someone else should make these decisions about your children.

One parent who supported the legislation, Tracy Nokovich Barker according to WWMT stated:

“You don’t know my children, you don’t raise my children, you won’t answer for my children”

As I stated above the Republicans are pro-choice on this issue and the Democrats are anti-choice.  In fact, you can intellectually say that the Democrats now believe that a woman no longer has the right to control her own body.  The Democrats are no longer pro-woman, pro-choice or my body my choice.  Their current mantra is anti-woman, anti-choice, and your body government choice.

The pro-abortion people just threw their entire argument down the toilet.  What a crazy world we live in.

In fact, the Democrat Party now believes that your body: woman, man or child is not their own but in some sense owned by the state.  They will tell you what you must but in your body or you will be put in a group, pointed to as the cause of all our problems and ostracized from society.  Did you see Biden's speech the other day?

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