Well here we go again, instead of shifting funds and cutting spending, the Republican controlled Michigan Senate wants to raise your taxes.  Gas taxes that is.

Breaking news being reported by the Detroit Free Press is stating that Michigan Senate plan to address Michigan’s infrastructure issues includes a 15-cent increase in the tax on gasoline, phased in over three years.

This tax increase alone is predicted to bring in between $700 to $800 million a year. The gas tax increase, along with shifting monies from other programs and a possible cut in the state's income tax, is estimated to bring in an additional $1.4 billion a year to fix the roads.

$1.4 billion!

We have been told for years our infrastructure problems would cost $1.2 billion a year.

Hmmm... what will they do with the additional $200 million?

Can someone say increase spending on schools, welfare, or both?

This plan has not been officially announced but according to the Free Press several sources close to the Senate has confirmed some of the details of the plan being discussed.

Other details being reported are:

  • Raising the diesel tax — currently at 15 cents per gallon — to match the rate on regular fuel, which is 19 cents per gallon
  • The gas tax rate would be tied to inflation factors
  • The bills would include road warranties and design and construction standards

Sound like a good plan to you?

Do you believe we need to increase gas taxes to pay for the repairs?

Do you believe that spending cuts and shifting funds from other programs should be the way to fund the infrastructure issues?

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