"All hunters and non-hunters working together for channeling precious resources into opportunities for a better community."

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger has been helping those who need it most around the mitten state for nearly two decades. They started as a small group and have, to date, donated over 800K pounds of meat to local food banks.

And, with 2020 being the year of the global pandemic, the need for food is higher than ever before, everywhere. Last year alone, the group donated over 400,000 meals to people all over Michigan.

If you can help this year, they'll take it.

Member Dean Hall told ABC 12, “A lot of times when people get into hunting, they really have no outlet for extra venison. So we just tell them to take their whole deer to one of the processors on our list and it won’t cost them anything,”

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger is a certified 501c3 non-profit organization that works hand-in-hand with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

If you have venison to donate or a deer that needs to be processed, you can find a full list of processors that work with MSAH right here. The website also has a map of where the processors are located, as well as vouchers for free processing.

“Meat product is one of the hardest things for food banks and shelters to obtain because it’s so expensive. Venison, when it’s ground, is very lean. There’s a little bit of fat in there to make it more like a burger product. But it can be used for anything you normal use hamburger for.”

If you have questions, give MSAH a call at 586-552-6517 or contact them online HERE.

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