Michigan State Police Team up with MDOTusing Electronic billboards to warn the public of wrong way drivers on our Highways. The billboards will flash warning signs to motorists if there is a driver detected traveling the wrong way on the highway. They are also implementing new deterrent devices to help prevent ramp confusion.

The Detroit Free Press reports on wrong-way drivers and what MDOT is doing to warn the public.

In Michigan, the new emphasis is on freeways in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties. The Michigan Department of Transportation is pouncing on every exit ramp that a wrong-way driver has used backward, said Josh Carey, MDOT’s traffic safety engineer for the metro-Detroit region.

MDOT installed the first of its exit ramp retro-designs, installing flexible reflector strips that stick up out of Gratiot Avenue’s pavement right where dizzy drivers were turning prematurely.

As new technology and cameras become available, better prevention and avoidance will aid the public.

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