State Senator Bizon, R-Battle Creek, currently represents Calhoun, Barry and Ionia Counties in the Michigan Senate. Senator Bison was first elected to the senate in 2018 after serving four years in the Michigan House of Representatives for Michigan's 62nd District.

Senator Bizon has been accused by a nurse practitioner with Oaklawn Medical Group of inappropriately touching her during an August 14, 2021 appointment.   According to a wwmt report a report was filed with the Marshall Police Department and:

“A nurse practitioner told police Bizon, R-Battle Creek, put his arm around her waist and squeezed, pulling her toward him while she was going over medications with him in an exam room, according to the police report…The nurse practitioner mentioned the incident to a medical assistant who said Bizon touched her too and made inappropriate comments while she was taking his vitals, the report said. In an interview with police, the medical assistant said Bizon told her his blood pressure was up because she was in the room.”

Senator Bizon now faces a single misdemeanor assault charge and is scheduled for arraignment on Jan. 19, 2022.

I spoke with Senator Bizon’s Chief of Staff yesterday evening and was informed he will be releasing a press release very shortly.

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