This teen just saved a family from losing their home because he wanted to do the right thing.

Mike Mitchell is a 19-year-old Kroger employee in Commerce Township, Michigan.  He was in the parking lot collecting carts when he stumbled upon an envelope that contained $1,200 cash.  Can you imagine the damage a teen could do with that much cash?  Mike explained to WDIV that spending the money didn't even enter his mind ,

We live in a world where honesty is hard to find. I care about what is right. That’s why I returned the money.

The money belonged to Amanda and Terry Grover.  While they were shopping they realized they had lost their rent money and ran to the customer service desk in a panic.  They brought the money to Kroger to get a money order to pay their rent which was due that day.

Amanda Grover was brought to tears when she found out Mike had returned their money just 10 minutes previous.  What the video below of the family talking to this amazing human.


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