Last weekend we once again had to set our clocks forward by one hour.  Fall back in the Fall and Spring forward in the Spring, we all remember that or at least most of us.

Well a legislator right here in Michigan would like to relieve us all of that task and perhaps save some of us from being late for church or some other event on those two Sundays each year.

State Representative Michele Hoitenga, a Republican from Manton would like to do away with daylight saving time.  Her bill House Bill 4303, would do just that if passed and signed by the governor.

Did you know that there are four counties in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula which are located in the Central Standard Time Zone not the Eastern Standard Time Zone like the rest of Michigan?  House Bill 4303 would also make the entire state of Michigan be located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Representative Hoitenga stated:

Time change has been a nuisance to workers and students across Michigan for decades…The practice is antiquated and impractical and it’s time we put an end to it – pun intended.

Her bill was referred to the House Commerce and Tourism Committee and if passed in that committee I believe will come up for a vote in the entire House.

Sounds like a good idea to me, how about you?

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