After the last election, this is certainly going to be interesting to quite a few people. There seems to be quite a lot going on in Adams Township Michigan, located in Hillsdale County.

Adams has a population of 2,498 with approximately 707 families, I tell you this because it does factor into this story.  Fox 47 News out of Jackson Michigan is reporting that the Michigan State Police executed a search warrant on the Adams Township Hall last week. 

Stephanie Scott, the Adams Township clerk told Township Board last month she had “concerns about the way the voting machines were being tested and that she had intentionally refused to turn over equipment”.  Now, this is where that population number comes into play, she told the board she was actually considering performing a hand count for the November 2nd election.  She did not want to use this election tabulator.  With a total population of approximately 2,500 and an off-year election, I am sure a hand count could be performed in a relatively short time frame.

We do not know if the Police found anything, all we are being told is the missing equipment was recovered last Friday and Ms. Scott has been removed from her election responsibilities.  The tabulator will be checked by the Secretary of State for any tampering other than their own.

Secretary of State Benson’s office stated the following in a statement:

“The Adams Township clerk did not allow preventative maintenance on voting equipment, a necessary safeguard to ensure tabulators and voter assist terminals used by voters with disabilities are functioning properly on Election Day…She also stated that she was unwilling to complete required certifications of Public Accuracy Testing of voting machines - which confirms vote counting machines are accurate and is done transparently with public viewing allowed to affirm faith in their performance. The clerk also said she may try to conduct future elections without the certified voting equipment selected by Hillsdale County. Following multiple letters from the Bureau of Elections, she refused to confirm that she would fulfill her legal requirements.”

That statement went on to say:

“In the interim, the Secretary will continue fighting to hold accountable anyone who threatens the integrity or security of Michigan elections"

That would be anyone except those involved with last year's election.

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