It was not that long ago when many Michiganders were collecting unemployment and getting an extra 600 bucks a week.  I also remember the system crashing and causing many problems because so many folks were trying to file online or by phone, If you remember the offices were closed because of the COVID19 threat. It was a tough time for many, but eventually, even though it was a headache, Michiganders did get their benefits.

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You Will Have To Make An Appointment

If you collected unemployment, let's hope you will never have to again, but if you do, the good news is The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency will be open for in-person appointments at 12 of its offices starting June 30th according to Walk-in appointments are not gonna be available, you will have to make an appointment if you do not want to file on the phone or online. Michiganders will be able to get an appointment from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. The appointments are in 15-minute segments up to a week in advance.

This additional option for customer service is another avenue to assist Michigan residents in accessing the financial lifeline they need while they are recovering from a job loss,” said Acting UIA Director Liza Estlund Olson in a press release.


What You Should Know

The UIA will be able to help about 900 people per day in person, and yes, you will have to wear a mask. You will also need your driver's license or photo ID and any documents related to their claim.

As we have been reporting there are a lot of jobs available especially at restaurants and bars. Many employers are also offering signing bonuses and higher pay.  Nice to see folks getting back to work.

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