No matter where you stand on whether there should be mask or vaccine mandates you should ask yourself why are the “officials” talking about one and not the other?

The Detroit News reported that the Michigan Board of Education voted 5-2 in favor of a resolution supporting that local school districts could make their own decision on whether their district's students and adults were mandated to wear masks in school.  They stated that the districts should make “scientifically informed decisions" including "mandates for universal masking".  Where exactly would they get that science?

The board has a majority of Democrats thus what they vote on is controlled by the Democrats.

Why did they not put forth a resolution concerning all adults, teachers, administration and all other staff mandating they get vaccinated for Covid-19?  I suspect I know why but without any great reporters in Michigan who have access to them asking we will never know why will we.

The resolution was proposed by a Democrat from Saginaw named Pamela Pugh.  She was not happy with the two Republicans who voted against the mandate and accused them of supporting propaganda and putting "lives in jeopardy."  This emotional ball of fire even accused one that his rhetoric is "killing families”.  Once you get to that point in a debate you know you are dealing with an emotionally unhinged person.

Ms. Pugh stated:

"I am not the enemy. The people who are trying to protect our children are not the enemy…We need to get the facts straight. We need to put accurate information out or shut our mouths. We need to go up against the enemy that is the enemy and that's COVID."

Who exactly has the “accurate information" Pam?

Ms. Pugh no one is talking about enemies.  Only Democrats believe that when someone opposes their demands they are enemies.  With your train of thought, and I use the word thought very lightly, that would make you Pam an enemy.

Here is a question for you Ms. Pugh:  Why are you not mandating that all teachers, administration and other staff be vaccinated?

It is a very easy question and perhaps you have a good reason.  I would love to hear it.  You want to have a mask mandate why not a vaccine mandate?

Another interesting development is State Superintendent Michael Rice stated that elementary, middle and high school students will be required to wear a mask on school buses.  Why is the State Superintendent making that decision on his own but not the mandating of masks at the school level decision?  Could it be that busing is public transportation?  We do not know that answer because no great Michigan reporter with access to him asked that or at least reported that they asked him that question?

An even better question is why is he not leaving it up to the school districts to mandate vaccinations?

The Detroit Free Press reported that the director of Infectious Diseases Research at Beaumont Health, Dr. Matthew Sims, stated yesterday that schools should be mandating masks this school year.  He was quoted as saying:

"The fact of the matter is, it just takes one or two cases to start ripping through schools.  ... And those kids can then take it home, spread it to their parents, spread it to their family, the grandparents who are older and may be more vulnerable. It’s just a danger that there's no reason to take the risk of, you know, making this optional"

Okay Dr. Sims then why are you not calling for a vaccine mandate for all teachers, administration and staffers at these schools?

If the adults at school were to infect just “one or two” students would they not then “spread it to their parents, spread it to their family, the grandparents who are older and maybe more vulnerable”?

Dr. Sims without you calling for a vaccine mandate of the adults at Michigan schools is that “just a danger that there's no reason to take the risk of, you know, making this optional"?

The article then went on to state that he said:

“the ordinary surgical mask is a minimal inconvenience to the person wearing it, is very light and easy to breathe through and wearing it for eight to 10 hours is "really not a problem”

 Really, could you please point to a peer-reviewed scientific study that states that an “ordinary surgical mask” actually protects anyone from this virus?  I can point to peer-reviewed studies stating that the virus molecule is so small the “ordinary surgical mask” is like putting up a chain-link fence to keep mosquitoes out.

How about Biden’s top Covid advisor stated:

get rid of the term masking” because it “implies anything you put in front of your face works.”

He then went on to say:

“And if I could just add a nuance to that, which hopefully doesn’t add more confusion, we know today that many of the face cloth coverings people wear are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out,” Osterholm added. “Either you’re breathing out or you’re breathing in.”


Just some simple questions asked by a simple Radio Talk Show host.

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