Last week Governor Whitmer allowed a local Detroit TV station show, FOX 2 for Your Take, to ask her questions as well as some preselected audience questions.  These questions were only allowed to be about the COVID-19 virus, the vaccine that many leaders in her Party including Biden and Harris vowed in the past they would not take and her executive orders she has issued through the Department of Health.  Those same orders the Michigan Supreme Court ruled were illegal and unconstitutional in the manner she forced them on the residents of Michigan.

In that interview, the FOX 2 show host asked:

“What is the latest with vaccine doses arriving in Michigan?"

Whitmer answered in the following manner:

"We were supposed to get 300,000 vaccines the first week, we got around 80,000...That is why I asked what is happening and I said at my press conference I can't get the (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) to respond and tell me what is happening, why we didn't get our doses and when are they coming. General (Gustave) Perna apologized the next day on the national news. We still don't have a cadence on numbers of what is coming and when. They have acknowledged their fault in this and hopefully they are resurrecting their plan and that they update it and it is something we can work from."

The first question I have is who was the General actually apologizing to?  We are not told in the Fox 2 piece and I could not find it in a piece published in MLive about the General’s statement.

Since Fox 2 and Mlive did not inform us I had to research that question myself.  I did find an AP story, how much you believe the AP is up to you.  I do not trust the AP to be truthful in their reporting at all.  That being said they reported:

“Michigan’s shipment will drop by about a quarter. Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire and Indiana also have been told to expect smaller shipments.”

So now the question is “drop by about a quarter” of what; 300,000 doses Gretchen?

Whitmer sat In front of a TV camera and told Michigan residents and the world we were supposed to get 300,000 doses.

Well I went straight to one of the main communication arms of the Democratic Party, the New York Times,  and found the following story titled “How Many Vaccine Doses Will Your State Get?” dated December 11, 2020, and in that story they stated:

“Michigan officials said they were told by the federal government to expect 84,825 doses of Pfizer vaccine and 173,600 of Moderna vaccine.”

Interesting Gretchen, not 300,000 doses as you stated but 84,825 doses.

Sounds like Michigan’s Governor Whitmer has some explaining to do.  The question is will any “brave” reporter actually ask her to prove her statements.  Local Detroit Fox 2 show host Roop Raj did not.

The people of Michigan should demand that their Governor be truthful in her statements and stop lying to us.  This 300,000 statement proves that the number reported by the New York Times was incorrect or it changed after they reported it.

If it had not changed Governor Whitmer, you owe the people of Michigan an apology as well as you should throw some more money into the lie jar in your office.  The lie jar that I assume is overflowing with cash.  You being a politician most of your adult life we can safely assume that cash overflowing in the lie jar is someone else’s money and not actually yours.

Please start telling the truth to Michigan residents and stop the lying and misinformation campaign you have been running for years now.

Updated 12-28-20 12:52 PM

The Detroit News reported the following:

Michigan health officials expected about 84,000 doses next week. Instead, the state's allocation will be 60,000 doses, about a third less, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The state received 84,825 doses from Pfizer's first shipments this week.

"We did get our initial allocation as expected. But estimates for future allocations for future weeks were decreased," state health department spokeswoman Lynn Sutfin said.

If "we did get our initial allocation as expected" then what is Whitmer talking about?

She did not differentiate between current and future allotments did she?

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