Michigan’s Oldest Hotel was originally a stagecoach stop in 1835. The National House Inn in Marshall is still operating, now as a Bed & Breakfast.

Colonel Andrew Mann built this in 1835 as the Mann Hotel, housing weary stagecoach travelers on their way to & from Detroit & Chicago. When the railroad came through in 1844, the inn stayed busy, catering to railroad travelers along with stagecoach passengers. Ownership changed hands a few times, with different name-changes to The Acker House and The Facey House.

It also became part of the Underground Railroad, thanks to a hidden room that was installed in the basement to conceal runaway slaves on their way to Canada.

Beginning in the late 1870s, with customers tapering off thanks to the new-fangled sleeper cars which were being installed on trains, the inn turned into a windmill, a wagon factory, an apartment building (in 1902) and the former Underground Railroad room was used during Prohibition as a place to buy and sell illegal alcohol.

Today, it’s still a popular place to spend the night, not just for the history and quaintness…but for something else…it’s reportedly one of Michigan’s Most Haunted locations.

After renovations were made in 1976, ghostly activities were reported from employees and guests…among the occurrences were sightings of a ghostly woman in red floating through the halls.….is it possible the renovations caused these occurrences?

According to hauntedhouses.com, "It is a guess that she is perhaps from the 20th century, maybe a woman who lived in the apartments. She could have been somehow connected to or was involved in the dangerous activity of selling the booze and partying in the basement, which could've been a force in her death.  Most booze came from mob connections. Other unsavory characters were also attracted to such black market activities. She could have been a 19th century railroad traveler, a guest in the hotel, who met a bad end, and decided to stay at a place that she felt at home."

Paranormal investigators from Spirit Society concur this Historic Michigan inn is haunted and have the findings to prove it.

The National House Inn has 16 rooms available so you shouldn’t have a problem booking a night. It’s located on the corner of Michigan Avenue and S. Sycamore St. with close-by places to eat. It can also be Google-searched at the 102 S. Parkview address.

The Historical Marker reads: “Erected by Andrew Mann in 1835, this structure is reported to be the first brick building in Calhoun County. National House was also known as Mann’s Hotel. It served travelers passing through Marshall and hosted political and community gatherings. Over the years it has been called, among other names, the Acker House and Facey House. Its varied history includes use as a wagon and windmill factory. This two-story, low gabled building has been restored to its original appearance and use as an inn“.

Stay the night sometime soon…for the history and the hauntings.

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