If any of you followed the Michigan Secretary of State race last year between the Democrat Jocelyn Benson and Republican Mary Treder Lang you may remember a big promise made by Ms. Benson.

In that race Jocelyn Benson, who eventually won the seat, promised the citizens of Michigan that she will deliver a 30-minute wait time for all of us at Michigan’s Secretary of State Offices.

In fact she was quoted in a Michigan Radio article stating:

This is just about doing better for our citizens…hold me accountable

Well a Detroit News article is now reporting that the 30-minute wait promise may take a bit longer than she might have expected.  In fact it may take 4 years and possibly be attained by 2022.

At a press conference yesterday Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson stated:

If it was possible to have a 30-minutes guarantee in place tomorrow, I’d do it…But we inherited a broken system, one that is a result of deep challenges and decisions that were made far before I got there that brought us where we are today

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson asked as all for a little or a lot of patience noting that the issues she is facing:

are the result of short-term solutions over the years that have yielded only partial results…It is not acceptable and it needs to change…Instead, lines at the Secretary of State's office are longer than ever

In her statement she went on to say:

Our current system is inconsistent, outdated and inefficient,” Benson said. “Fixing it will require a top-to-bottom review.

Might she have looked into the state of affairs at our Secretary of State offices before she made such a claim on the campaign trail?

I did not expect her to make good on her promise within a year but did not expect it to take up to four years.  Interesting in four years she will more than likely be running for her second term.  Is that just a coincidence?

Well Jocelyn you did ask us to hold you accountable did you not?

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