The Democratic Party just refuses to make it challenging for me and others to point out the problems with their policies or statements.  I just published a piece yesterday about a state of Michigan Government website titled “Finding The Truth: Trusted Information” where SOS Benson linked three extreme left/progressive partisan sites as “trusted, verified nonpartisan information”.

We then find out today, thanks to a piece reported by the Michigan Capitol Confidential (MCC) that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson tweeted out the following last Sunday:

As the MCC article stated:

“Just three days before Benson posted that tweet, an op-ed written by Democratic State Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden made inaccurate claims about House Bill 5097, a Republican bill that would restrict using radicalized curriculums in Michigan public schools.”

In that op-ed Democrat Rep Bolden made easily provable lies when she said “This bill would prevent these type of stories to be told in our schools”.  She is referring to stories about slavery and violence committed against black people.

Her claim is not only not factual, interesting to note none of the liberal “fact check” sites on the new Michigan government website addressed her comments, but they are actually lies.

The Michigan Republicans did not submit a single bill that would prohibit any events related to America’s troubled race history from being taught in our schools.

Jocelyn, you want us to “Talk to people who have been fed lies".  Will you be speaking to us about your fellow Democratic State Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden's lies?

Jocelyn, you want us to “share facts & data”.  Will you be sharing with the people of Michigan the actual “facts & data” about the Republican bills that your Democrat colleague lied about?

Jocelyn, you want us to “point them to trusted sources of info”.  Will you be pointing the people of Michigan to this article and those in the Michigan Capital Confidential as the true sources of trusted info?

Finally Jocelyn you want us to “reject politicians & candidates who spread lies & deceive the public”.  Will you be rejecting Democratic State Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden for the lies she is spreading and the public she is deceiving?  Will you be voting for her opponent in her next election?

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