As someone who has family who lives in Midland, the flood that took place a few weeks ago was something that was pretty nerve racking. It just so happens that the unfortunate timing of the Coronavirus happened to be somewhat of a blessing for our family. Because of the virus, my brother who attends Northwoods University, came home for the Summer since classes were shut down and luckily brought all his belongings home with him the week prior.

Sadly for other people's families, they did not have the time or the luxury of going elsewhere, and many people lots their possessions, homes and loved ones to the flood. One woman, Kathy Parsch, was lucky enough to find the most important possession she had, her mother's ashes. Her and a friend had searched her house 8 times before finally finding the small container that kept a portion of her mother’s cremains, according to WNEM .

I can't even begin to imagine the sickening feeling she must have felt during her search for a family members remains. Lucky her friend Margaret Charbonneau had a feeling that she knew her friend's mother's cremains were in a specific part of the house. She said she felt that's where they were. After her hunch was correct and the cremains were found, Kathy Parsch was actually able to have a whole new view on the situation:

Everything from here on out is going to be good.

Kathy's mother Mary was the only possession salvaged after her home was destroyed in the flood.

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