If you're a football fan in the Midwest, the first 4 weeks of this season has been painful.  

Here are the 4 worst teams in the NFL.

#4  Indianapolis Colts 1-3

Thought of as Superbowl contenders before the season started.  Sunday they lost their third game to a winless team.

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#3  Chicago Bears 1-3

Many of expected John Fox to turn this into the Bears of the 80's.  Well, we were wrong.  They did beat the Lions Sunday.  However, that is the only game they have won so far this season.

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#2  Detroit Lions 1-3

Between bad pass interference calls and wide receivers that can't hold on to the ball, the Lions are playing their way to the bottom quickly.  But there's one team that will more than likely stand in Detroit's way to the bottom...

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#1  Cleveland Browns 0-4

The only team playing worse than the Colts, Bears and Lions.  I almost feel sorry for this town.  The city of Cleveland deserves a win for the love of God.

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Honorable Mention: Cincinnati Bengals 2-2

Here's a team, much like the Indianapolis Colts, have all of the talent in the world.  However, they can't seem to make it count.

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