Getty Images By Philipp Schmidli
Getty Images By Philipp Schmidli

According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s Michigan Capitol Confidential website Michigan is predicted to take in and additional $2.7 billion dollars in taxes over the next 3 years.  In fact Michigan is predicted to bring in an additional 1.6 billion dollars in taxes next fiscal year.

Oh by the way by additional I mean more than the previous year.

So why do we not just dedicate all additional taxes to roads and make some cuts in our budget.  Even Minority leader in Michigan’s House democrat Rep Gremiel a liberal stated on a Michigan Sunday show yesterday that there is some fat in the budget that can be cut.

Those years that we do not have enough additional taxes we can somehow determine a different type of funding stream, could be a special tax that year we should talk about it.

According to the article, unfortunately the

 “union-funded Citizens for Fair Taxes is collecting signatures to place on the ballot an increase in the state’s corporate income tax from 6 percent to 11 percent. That would reportedly generate an extra $900 million a year, which the measure earmarks to roads. If the campaign gets the required number signatures, the measure would be placed before state legislators, and if they did not pass it (a virtual certainty) it would then go on the 2016 statewide ballot.”

It does not stop, there the democrat politicians are talking about a road funding plan that would raise taxes on businesses 50% from 6 to 9%, as well as looking for funding in other places.

So I think a fair plan could be to freeze all current budgets and apply all additional taxes to road funding and decide on additional measures to cover any short falls.

Thus we would not need to rely on the old way of thinking and that is increase taxes first and then think of any additional measures to make up the shortage.

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