Miles for Memories is a special and unique organization in Battle Creek.   Sherii Sherban, one of the founders, and the publisher of “Senior Times”,  joined WBCK’s Tim Collins on the weekly “Miles for Memory Moment” to talk about the importance of physical activity, and how that fits into the pandemic and the organization’s oldest event.

Sherii says “Get Moving – Stay Moving: We’ve been talking about this since Miles for Memories started. In fact, it was the motivation for getting started. Even in 2013, running or walking was shown to decrease Alzheimer’s-related mortality risk. In 2019, it was reported that maintaining overall good health through diet and exercise could help to reduce the risk for dementia by nearly 35% and weight-bearing exercise was determined to be the most beneficial for reducing the rate of cognitive decline.”

Now you can join with Miles for Memories and take a positive step toward reducing your risk as well as establishing a long-term health habit. The Miles for Memories Marathon kicks off on August 26 and runs through October 26. You have two months to complete 26 miles – that’s less than a ½ mile per day. Complete your marathon by October 26 and receive your completion medal. You can do it!

Your $26 donation will register you to join the Miles for Memories Marathon. Each day you will also see a scavenger hunt item to find while you are out on your walk posted on the Facebook event. Take a photo and post it to the event site each day.

Invite family, friends, or co-workers to join you in your quest toward reducing your risk for dementia by walking alongside or through pledges toward your completion.

Get started by going to the website at Make your $26 donation using the “Donate” button. (It will redirect you to Battle Creek Community Foundation.) Next, you will want to download the registration/pledge form. Keep track of your mileage on your personal device or download the tracking form.

Be sure to join us in the Miles for Memories Marathon event on Facebook and lets us know you are in it for the long haul and post your daily scavenger hunt finds.

Awards will be given for the greatest number of miles completed, most scavenger hunt finds, and most money raised. Proceeds will benefit Miles for Memories.

Completion paperwork is due by October 30, 2020. Email your completed paperwork to or mail to 4642 Capital Ave, SW, Battle Creek, MI, 49015. Monies raised will be due by November 6. Checks should be made payable to BCCF/Miles for Memories. Or you can submit funds collected through the “Donate” button on the website.”

Now is a great time to start walking, because movement matters for your physical health and your brain health. Join us for the Miles for Memories Marathon today. For additional questions please call (269) 979-1412, ext. 305.

Miles for Memories is a grassroots organization of volunteers creating solutions for those impacted by dementia in Calhoun County through movement, programming, and research.

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